As a responsible pet owner and a good neighbor, you must keep your dog happy and safe in your yard, day and night. At Ultimate Fence, a trusted New Hampshire fence company, we will guide you through the fence installation process. Keep reading to explore the best New Hampshire residential fence materials and top features for your dog fence!

Easy for Dog Owners: Low Maintenance New Hampshire Residential Fence

Keeping a secure fence in good condition is vital to ensuring the safety of your pup. Reducing or eliminating the amount of maintenance needed on your fence is the best possible move for a dog owner. You’re already busy enough taking care of your pet and your home, so you don’t need the burden of monitoring, repairing, or replacing your fence.


A low-maintenance fence keeps you happy and makes sure that your dog is safe. You’ll know that your dog is secured in your yard and that neighborhood children and strangers won’t have access to your pet’s outdoor areas. A properly installed, high-quality New Hampshire residential fence is key and Ultimate Fence is here to assist your buying process.

Our New Hampshire fence company shares these tips for installing a dog fence:

  • Stronger fencing material such as aluminum, vinyl, or chain link
  • Reinforced base rails or wires, depending on type
  • Deeper holes (min. 2.5 feet) to secure posts with cement
  • Higher fence height to prevent a dog from jumping over
  • Fence type that resists warping, rotting, splintering, or cracking
  • Professional installer to keep your yard paw-friendly, free of screws and nails
  • Narrow gaps between rails if you have a small-sized dog (or add puppy pickets)
  • Magnetic self-latching gates to keep it firmly closed
  • TruClose hinges which are durable and rust resistant

Dog Fences with a Sturdy Design to Protect Your Pets

Keeping pets safely in the yard is the number one goal for dog fences installed by Ultimate Fence, a New Hampshire fence company. We use three strong types of fence materials and will recommend specific fence styles based on the size and nature of your pets. Explore these fence types here, knowing that all three are strong but they vary in cost.

Aluminum Fences for Dogs

Aluminum fencing is one of the most secure, long-lasting, and low-maintenance fencing materials on the market. One of the more expensive New Hampshire residential fence types, aluminum is a strong, classic way to secure your yard. Ultimate Fence offers financing options for dog owners who need to install a strong fence as soon as possible. Due to their durability and safety, as well as low maintenance requirements, aluminum fences are an excellent choice for dogs. You can create a stylish, elegant look in your backyard, preserving visibility while enhancing security. However, if you have a dog who is easily bothered by vehicles or people passing by, wide-set aluminum rails may not be the right style. Browse our aluminum fencing page to see different options before deciding on your New Hampshire residential fence.

Vinyl Fences for Dogs

Vinyl fences are built to withstand the weather and elements over time, ensuring your pup has a safe place to play for all of its dog years! Vinyl fencing is also great for energetic dogs which are prone to jumping, as the vinyl panels are slightly flexible and resist breaking or cracking when pressure is applied. Combined with their easy-to-clean surfaces  (rinse with a garden hose if dirty), vinyl fences provide an excellent solution when you’re in the market for a dog fence. Vinyl fencing is the middle-tier option, costing less than aluminum fencing but more expensive than a chain link fence.

Chain Link Fences for Dogs

Galvanized chain link and black PVC-coated chain link fences are popular options for dog owners. Our New Hampshire fence company, Ultimate Fence, has installed a great number of chain link fences for pet owners in our area. The best feature is the affordability of chain link fences and the ability to upgrade for durability, aesthetics, and privacy. Given the options, a black PVC-coated chain link fence is the best-looking and most durable choice for a dog owner on a budget.

Deal with Highs and Lows – Ultimate Fence, New Hampshire Fence Company

Strong fence sides, properly spaced posts, and secure gates are most important, but the next priority is to identify other potential escape routes. Are you concerned that your dog could jump over your fence or tunnel under it to run away? We need to consider the highs and the lows, quite literally, when designing your New Hampshire residential fence.


Fortunately, we have multiple options of fence heights available to keep your dog accounted for at all times. Ultimate Fence, a highly rated New Hampshire Fence Company, can install a fence that hugs the ground and/or stretches to the sky. Whether you own a large Mastiff or a teeny Chihuahua, Ultimate Fence ensures your property is secure and safe.

Features to Contain Tiny Pets

Breeds of smaller dogs can easily slip through most fence pickets. Fortunately, there are fence styles with pickets spaced closely together to prevent curious little pets from getting out of your yard. Vinyl fencing comes in gapless panels so you can essentially provide a solid wall of protection around your pets. Chain link fencing comes in smaller hole varieties, making it harder for a small animal to squeeze through. Aluminum fencing can be safeguarded with puppy pickets, a strip of narrowly spaced pickets installed at the bottom of an aluminum fence.

Ultimate Fence is Top Dog – Choose Our New Hampshire Fence Company!

If you’re a dog owner in the Derry, NH area we’d like to expertly design and install your New Hampshire residential fence. Keeping your dog and the rest of your family safe is our mission at Ultimate Fence, and we do a great job with this. Put your trust in our New Hampshire fence company. You can call us at (603) 818-3619 or contact us online so we can help you find the very best solution for your dog fence!