We all feel like most outdoor projects have to be put on pause during the cold months. Installing a fence doesn’t have to be one of them! It’s true that there are some key differences between New Hampshire residential fence installation in the warmer months vs. the winter, but there are pros and cons to each option. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of calling your favorite New Hampshire fence company regardless of the winter weather.

5 Reasons to Install Fencing in Winter in New Hampshire

While winter can bring certain challenges for fence installation, a professional fence company like Ultimate Fence is well equipped to handle them. Many people don’t realize that the warmer months actually bring a set of obstacles that can be avoided by installing your fence in the winter. As you’ll see in the five reasons below, you can give us a call to speak about your New Hampshire residential fence project no matter the season.

Schedule your Fence Installation Faster

When you call a New Hampshire fence company during peak season, it can take a long time to get your project on their calendar. A fence installation can be delayed for months depending on how many jobs are in front of yours in the company’s schedule. During the winter months in New Hampshire, most people believe that installing a fence must wait and usually they aren’t even thinking about it. It’s more common to be focused on indoor gatherings rather than worrying about sprucing up the yard. This gives you the chance to plan ahead for the time you want to spend outside by scheduling your project at a time when a New Hampshire fence company has more availability. 


Another way to save time with a winter fence installation is through the permitting process. Depending on your location, having a permit issued can take time. Fortunately, in the winter, there are fewer permits to process, so yours will be completed faster. Get ahead of the game and call the experts at Ultimate Fence to get your fence project on our planner!

Avoid Damaging Your Landscaping

Your lush green landscaping goes dormant in winter, so it’s a great time for your yard to undergo the work necessary for a fence or other renovations. Shrubs and plants can be trimmed or moved without causing long-term damage to them. Winter is a window of opportunity to do work in your yard that will make sure you’re ready for spring. Imagine having everything settled and looking finished by the time the new blooms of April and May begin. Having a New Hampshire residential fence contractor do a winter installation can prepare your space perfectly for new plants you may want to add.

Can Save Time and Money

The winter lull for a New Hampshire fence company is an occasion that property owners can use to their advantage. Although you can’t count on it, saving money on overstocked product options is a possibility. Products that are sometimes out of stock in the busier months are more easily available in winter. This can save you the extra shipping costs for expediting products as well as ensure you’ll get what you want more quickly. Since we know time is money, you can use this opportunity for a faster fence installation with your New Hampshire fence company as a way to save!

Be Ready for Warm New Hampshire Weather Outdoor Activities

When you have fences installed in New Hampshire during the wintertime, no time will be wasted from the moment you’re ready to enjoy your yard in the warm months. You’ll be all set for barbeques, gatherings with friends, and relaxing at home with your family. As soon as the warm weather hits, you can savor every day! A fence installation job right before an outdoor holiday celebration can leave your space disheveled, and it’s disappointing to wait for your landscaping and ground to settle in before planning a party. Make plans to get your fence installed in winter and avoid the inconvenience of a spring or summer installation. 

Don’t Have to Wait to Replace Damaged Fences

You don’t have to bide your time through winter with an old, damaged fence. Dealing with a major eye sore when you look out your window isn’t necessary. If your fence is too dangerous to let the dog out, needing to take them out on a leash can be avoided. You don’t have to delay getting your new fence project going! When you repair or replace a fence in the New Hampshire winter, your project will be completed before everyone else has just started to plan theirs, and you can enjoy the new look of your yard from the warmth of your home. 

Winter Fence Maintenance in New Hampshire

Once you have a fence installed on your property, it’s important to know how to best care for it during the winter months. 

For aluminum fences or chain link fences, no maintenance is needed because the strength of the metal holds up very well to the winter cold. Vinyl fences, though very durable, can become a bit more susceptible to cracking in cold weather due to brittleness that can develop in extreme cases. Blow snow away from your fence whenever possible to prevent undue strain. To take the best care of your vinyl fence, avoid any heavy contact with the fence directly from things like shovels or piling snow up against the fence. A fencing contractor in New Hampshire, like Ultimate Fence, can help you with more special tips to keep your fence looking great! 

For Expert Winter Fence Tips, Speak to the Experts at Ultimate Fence!

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