Getting a new fence means you have lots of questions, besides choosing your fence and getting your quote. At Ultimate Fence in Derry, New Hampshire, we take great pride in the installation of every fence, for every customer. Read on to learn more about all the details of getting your New Hampshire residential fence installed with us.

Initial Quote and Consultation With Your Local New Hampshire Fencing Company

The first step of getting your new fence is to get a quote for the type and amount of fencing you will need. We have an Instant Quote Tool on our website that will allow you to get a quote within minutes! This useful tool utilizes Google Maps to give you the ability to find your property. There is a drawing tool that allows you to easily design a fence and place gates directly onto the map image of your property. You can also choose from our complete line of fencing materials and styles. 


After you have designed the perfect fence for your property with our Instant Quote tool, a summary page with your fence estimate and our sales team contact information will be emailed to you and Ultimate Fence for easy communication. We’ll be in contact with you right away to arrange an in-person meeting so we walk your property thoroughly, answer all of your questions and provide professional advice on any unique or challenging obstacles on your property. We want to make sure you’re completely comfortable with the final details of your New Hampshire residential fence requirements prior to your installation. 


 If you need any help using our online Instant Quote tool, we would be happy to talk with you on the phone to get you the answers you need and walk you through the process. We’re here to make the process as easy as possible for you!


Expert and Professional Installation Details

There are many details that go into your fence installation so that the entire process goes smoothly, from start to finish. Here are a few items to mention so you can have peace of mind that you’ll be extremely happy with the superior installation of your fence.

You Can Choose to Be Present at Installation

If you’d like to be at home during the installation of your New Hampshire residential fence, we’ll be happy to give you a call so you know that your materials are ready and that we’ve scheduled your installation. However, you do not need to be present as long as we have access to water and electricity for our equipment.

We Take Care of Your Property

We spend a great deal of time and care to make sure that we leave your yard in the same condition as it was when we arrived. When we use an auger for digging up the dirt to set the fence posts, we use a wheelbarrow under the auger to spin the dirt out so that it never makes a bigger mess in the grass. When hand digging we dig into a bucket and use a

wheelbarrow to haul away the dirt to a wooded area or a spot on your property that you determine. 


In New Hampshire, the grading of customers’ yards is often not level, so gapping under the fence is common. In these cases, we use the dirt we are removing for your fence posts to fill any gapping under the fence to give a level appearance and ensure no dogs can escape under the fence at no additional charge. 


Sometimes, the fencing material may get a bit dirty during installation but even that is cleaned up so well that you’ll think it’s come straight off the production line! Many of our customers have said that our clean-up is so meticulous that their fence just magically appeared in the yard since no dirt or mess is left with minimal yard damage.

High-Quality Materials and Installation Techniques For Lasting Quality

We are proud to be a certified fencing company by the American Fence Association which means that we use the best and most professional installation techniques to build your fence. We want to ensure that your fence is built with top-quality materials and that it has the durability and strength to withstand the New Hampshire weather conditions. 


We install a variety of fence types, each of which comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty based on the product and style. We only use fencing materials that are only of the highest quality possible, which means that they always come with very thorough warranties when compared to other, lower-quality products. In addition, at Ultimate Fence, we take pride in the work we do and guarantee the quality of our installation work with a 3-Year Workmanship Warranty of our own. In the unlikely event that there is any problem with your fence, we’ll be there promptly to make it right. 

We Strive to Exceed Your Expectations

Our courteous installation team has also been known to go “above and beyond” and is always careful to work around trees and any obstructions near the installation area. We’ve received so many positive reviews about our conscientious and helpful team over the years and you can read some of our customer’s testimonials on our website.


Take a look at our Photo Gallery to see examples of the many fences we have built for our happy customers recently. If you’re undecided on which fence type you need for your New Hampshire residential fence, this is a good place to start for inspiration.  You can also read about the benefits of each type of fencing that we install on our website as well.


Chain Link Fencing – practical, long-lasting, and budget-friendly.

Vinyl (PVC) Fencing – low-maintenance, durable, and versatile privacy fencing.

Aluminum Fencing – classic, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.

We’re Your Reliable Fence Company in Derry, New Hampshire!

For all your fencing needs in and around the Derry, New Hampshire area, talk to our fence professionals who are happy to help you with any questions or projects you may have. Call us at (603) 818-3619 or Contact Us online for fast, friendly service!