Suitable for both commercial and residential properties, chain link fencing is a long-time favorite fence material that is affordable, durable, and easy to care for. There are several benefits to chain link fencing, and as an expert fencing contractor in New Hampshire, Ultimate Fence can help you decide if this style is best for your next project. Keep reading to discover some of the top benefits of chain link fencing and whether or not it’s your best option. 

#1: Chain Link is Affordable

Chain link fencing usually has a much lower price point than other available fencing materials, making it suitable for those on a tighter budget. As a premier fencing contractor in New Hampshire, we understand the importance of providing a product that is durable and long-lasting. Chain link fencing is crafted from galvanized steel and can last up to 20 years with little maintenance. It’s a great investment for those who need a secure fence but who do not want to pay an excessive amount. 

#2: Chain Link is Durable

As mentioned previously, chain link fencing is crafted by coating steel with zinc, creating a strong material that can hold up to severe weather and other threats. It will not rot and is not vulnerable to damage from insects and pests. Its strength and durability make it one of the best materials for fencing. 


Chain link fencing does not need to be painted or stained, is not susceptible to mold or mildew, and does not hold dirt and debris. You may occasionally need to brush off cobwebs, leaves, or dust but that’s the extent of the work required to maintain a chain link fence. 

#3: Chain Link is Pet-Friendly

When you own a dog, you know it’s important to provide a secure space for it to run and play. While invisible electric fences have been a trend among pet owners, they do not protect your pet or property from others who may wander past your boundary. Chain link fencing from a top fencing contractor in New Hampshire solves this problem by keeping your pet contained while also keeping other animals and people out of your space. Another benefit to chain link is that it does not require a special collar for your dog and is not prone to malfunctioning. 

#4: Chain Link Provides Clear Visibility

If you need a fence that offers full privacy, chain link will not be as good of an option as wood or vinyl fencing. However, there are many reasons to avoid a stockade or completely solid fence. Maybe you prefer being able to talk to your neighbors through your fence, enjoy your view, or avoid feeling completely closed in. Chain link is your best option in these and similar situations. 


If you enjoy growing flowers or gardening, a full-paneled wood or vinyl fence can sometimes be a detriment as it blocks sunlight and creates shady spots. Chain link fencing provides a clear property boundary while still allowing sunlight to benefit your plants and yard. 

#5: Chain Link is Customizable 

Chain link fencing may not seem as versatile as other materials that are available in several designs, but surprisingly there are several ways to customize chain link fence. As a top fencing contractor in New Hampshire, we offer chain link fencing with colored PVC coating. The PVC coating is a nice addition because it offers another layer of protection from rust and weather damage and it also gives the fence a softer feel and upgraded look. The most popular PVC color is black but check with us for the availability of other color options. To add some privacy, there are slats that can be woven into the fence. These slats are also available in multiple colors, providing another way to create a unique and attractive fence design for your property. 

Chain Link Resources from a Top New Hampshire Fence Company

For more inspiration and information about chain link fences, check out our chain link fences page on our website. We also offer an instant quote tool on our website that provides a quick, easy quote for your fence project. Our fence estimator tool will provide an aerial view of your yard by utilizing Google maps. You then draw your fence lines over the top of the image. Adjust your perimeter by dragging the lines, adding gates, and choosing and comparing fence materials to receive an initial estimate for your project. 

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